The Foenix Drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet printers are used to mark numbers, codes and characters on materials like steel, paper and woods to trace and identify for quality assurance. We can meet a variety of requirements in all manufacturing industries.

The Foenix DOD Ink Jet printing system has been focused on various applications and printer ease of use. You could get flexible, fine marking with fast 175 meters per minute print speed. The inkjet controller can be used in a wide variety of field applications and is designed to maximize user convenience with little supervision.

Multi-language support and interactive menu display, easy message edition and other functions are must have features for many users.


The Foenix printhead is designed to be installed and maintained easily thanks to its compact size. The solenoid valve in the printhead only weight 3 grams and the size is 4mm. Its size and structure make Foenix printheads very unique and one of the most efficient device in the industry. Fast speed and easy-to-use valve array enable the system to adjust the size of large characters to smaller than other systems.

In addition, pocket type solenoid valve helps users reduce maintenance costs and time.
Foenix Coding offers two types of printheads. Printhead type “W” uses water-based

ink to mark on carton box and type “S” printhead uses MEK based ink for non- absorbing surfaces like PP bag, steel, vinyl and glass.



Simple and robust design. White and Yellow pigment ink available. MEK/Heavy pigment based ink. The pigment inkjet marking system provides continuous ink circulation throughout the ink container, ink tubing and printhead to prevent settling of pigments.

The industry demands high system availability and process stability. The Foenix DOD printer offers reliability and minimum maintenance requirements. This printer can mark on any surfaces like metal, glass, ceramic, stone, wood, carpet, textiles or organic material. This marking system has proven itself on any materials from almost all industries.

This Dot and Line Marker adapted Drop On Demand (DOD) Technology, is the non-contact dot and line marking device at high print speed especially for error detecting purpose. The valve and nozzle have been designed to minimize nozzle blocking.
It also includes the adjusting device which can control ink volume minutely. In addition, this Marker can be easily applied to various industrial sites such as specialty film, semiconductor, auto insertion machine, vision machine, pipe manufacturing and etc.

*Small and light weighted marker

*Non-contact spray method dot & line marking

*Easy control of valve

*Auto cleaning function on ink nozzle

This marker applies a new DOD technology to print on a wide range of substrates. The printheads of these printers contain a series of chambers that are filled with ink. By applying voltages to the walls of these chambers, a distortion is caused that bows the walls outwards. This distortion causes the ink. pressure to drop, drawing more ink into the chamber. When the voltage is released and the walls return to their original positions, an ink droplet is expelled through each selected print nozzle.